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The Kourovka will be held at the "Abzakovo" Ski Resort.

The complex is located on the territory of the Republic of Bashkortostan in the village Novoabzakovo (Kizilskaya St., 36) and is not just a hotel, but a sports center with the  developed infrastructure (its own restaurant, water park, ski lift to one of the ski slopes directly from the base).

The closest airport to the ski resort is in Magnitogorsk (60 km). To date, two direct Aeroflot flights from Moscow have already been announced on the first and last days of the conference. Based on the experience of the previous years, it can be assumed that closer to the end of the year, flight schedules of other airlines will appear on the same dates, which will increase the choice of comfortable flights.

Information about transfer from Magnitogorsk airport will be announced later.

The other airports are less comfortable: Ufa (290 km), Chelyabinsk (370 km), Ekaterinburg (580 km).

For participants from Ekaterinburg, the passing train 346*E (Nizhnevartovsk - Adler) may be convenient. Travel time is about 13 hours, departure from Yekaterinburg in the evening, arrival in Magnitogorsk in the morning. Return journey - departure late in the evening and arrival home at noon.

Information about possible transfer from the Magnitogorsk railway station will be announced later.